Automation-Warehouse is not a partner of any of the products and therefore we do not provide you with a standard factory warranty. However, we have such a good experience with these products that we will provide you with an even better warranty, which will be replacement, like for like.
Automation-Warehouse.com will provide you with a warranty for new sealed products of 5 Years from the order date, and refurbished products are guaranteed for 6-24 months. If the item is not as described, you will have a full refund including all shipping costs. If the item is lost or damaged in transit will be refunded only in case of insurance.
Whenever you as the customer intend to claim a warranty, you need to contact the seller (us) at the email address info@automation-warehouse.com. We, as the seller, will respond to you as soon as possible and will ask for further details and will aim at resolving the case as quickly as possible, taking into account the category of goods relating to the Product, and / or the alleged defect.


Warranty Void

The tampering, unauthorized removal, failure to follow of the user instructions, the use of a different voltage from that prescribed, the fitting of non-genuine parts or do not comply with the technical specifications, failures for improper use of the device, the repair attempt by unqualified personnel, the damage caused by natural disasters and not (lightning, fire, flooding, vandalism, etc.), will void warranty. The warranty conditions will apply only to the product, object of malfunction, accompanied by the authorization to return.

Warranty Claims

For any warranty claims please send us an email to warranty@automation-warehouse.com and provide us with the problem description, brand , model, serial number and possibly any images. This will allow us to do a per-assessment before we go through the trouble of shipping. We will provide you with the address where to send it to  and once the item has been inspected, and deemed to be faulty, we will replace it with another item.



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