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Showing 1 - 36 of 114 products
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5069-L306ERMS2 Allen-Bradley5069-L306ERMS2 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$1,029.00 USD Regular price$2,976.00 USD
5069-L306ERMS2 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 116 units
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6DD1600-0BB0 Siemens
Sale price$13,041.00 USD Regular price$14,950.00 USD
6DD1600-0BB0 SiemensSiemens In stock, 32 units
Save 46%
3RV1041-4KA10 Siemens
Sale price$92.00 USD Regular price$169.00 USD
3RV1041-4KA10 SiemensSiemens In stock, 262 units
Save 80%
6SL3201-0BE21-0AA0 Siemens
Sale price$148.00 USD Regular price$750.00 USD
6SL3201-0BE21-0AA0 SiemensSiemens In stock, 155 units
Save 81%
6ES5521-8MA22 Siemens
Sale price$296.00 USD Regular price$1,589.00 USD
6ES5521-8MA22 SiemensSiemens Only 5 units left
Save 87%
22B-D4P0N104, Allen-Bradley22B-D4P0N104 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$355.00 USD Regular price$2,778.00 USD
22B-D4P0N104 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 291 units
Save 68%
22A-D4P0N104, Allen-Bradley22A-D4P0N104 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$417.00 USD Regular price$1,287.00 USD
22A-D4P0N104 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 124 units
Save 81%
R88D-1SN30F-ECT Omron
Sale price$531.00 USD Regular price$2,743.00 USD
R88D-1SN30F-ECT OmronOmron In stock, 162 units
Save 81%
1783-ETAP1F, Allen-Bradley1783-ETAP1F Allen-Bradley
Sale price$537.00 USD Regular price$2,775.00 USD
1783-ETAP1F Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 137 units
Save 62%
25C-D2P3N114 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$547.00 USD Regular price$1,443.00 USD
25C-D2P3N114 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 13 units
Save 69%
HMIDT551 Schneider Electric
Sale price$562.00 USD Regular price$1,835.00 USD
HMIDT551 Schneider ElectricSchneider Electric In stock, 189 units
Save 79%
1746-NO4I Allen-Bradley1746-NO4I Allen-Bradley
Sale price$576.00 USD Regular price$2,750.00 USD
1746-NO4I Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 261 units
Save 75%
1769-PA4, Allen-Bradley1769-PA4 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$584.00 USD Regular price$2,330.00 USD
1769-PA4 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley Only 5 units left
Save 65%
1769-AENTR, Allen-Bradley1769-AENTR Allen-Bradley
Sale price$744.00 USD Regular price$2,130.00 USD
1769-AENTR Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 263 units
Save 79%
25B-D030N114 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$777.00 USD Regular price$3,690.00 USD
25B-D030N114 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 218 units
Save 46%
1756-CN2 Allen-Bradley1756-CN2 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$790.00 USD Regular price$1,455.00 USD
1756-CN2 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 230 units
Save 58%
5094-IF8, Allen-Bradley5094-IF8 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$829.00 USD Regular price$1,954.00 USD
5094-IF8 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 158 units
Save 60%
6AV6640-0CA11-0AX1 Siemens
Sale price$850.00 USD Regular price$2,150.00 USD
6AV6640-0CA11-0AX1 SiemensSiemens In stock, 199 units
Save 66%
6ES7151-8AB01-0AB0 Siemens
Sale price$897.00 USD Regular price$2,672.00 USD
6ES7151-8AB01-0AB0 SiemensSiemens In stock, 140 units
Save 66%
1794-OF4IXT Allen-Bradley1794-OF4IXT Allen-Bradley
Sale price$903.00 USD Regular price$2,660.00 USD
1794-OF4IXT Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 257 units
Save 63%
1769-ADN Allen-Bradley
Sale price$931.00 USD Regular price$2,500.00 USD
1769-ADN Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley Only 5 units left
Save 62%
2094-BM02-M Allen-Bradley
Sale price$940.00 USD Regular price$2,450.00 USD
2094-BM02-M Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 261 units
Save 79%
22B-D017N104 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$967.00 USD Regular price$4,540.00 USD
22B-D017N104 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 155 units
Save 66%
6SL3120-2TE15-0AA4 Siemens
Sale price$974.00 USD Regular price$2,894.00 USD
6SL3120-2TE15-0AA4 SiemensSiemens In stock, 273 units
Save 60%
1783-NATR, Allen-Bradley1783-NATR Allen-Bradley
Sale price$976.00 USD Regular price$2,450.00 USD
1783-NATR Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 303 units
Save 74%
1746-NI16I Allen-Bradley1746-NI16I Allen-Bradley
Sale price$978.00 USD Regular price$3,800.00 USD
1746-NI16I Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 108 units
Save 57%
6SE6420-2UD23-0BA1 Siemens
Sale price$1,026.00 USD Regular price$2,380.00 USD
6SE6420-2UD23-0BA1 SiemensSiemens In stock, 160 units
Save 29%
6ES7513-1AL02-0AB0 Siemens
Sale price$1,034.00 USD Regular price$1,450.00 USD
6ES7513-1AL02-0AB0 SiemensSiemens In stock, 25 units
Save 63%
E84AVTCE7514SX0 LenzeE84AVTCE7514SX0 Lenze
Sale price$1,042.00 USD Regular price$2,790.00 USD
E84AVTCE7514SX0 LenzeLenze In stock, 257 units
Save 84%
1756-OF8, Allen-Bradley1756-OF8 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$1,050.00 USD Regular price$6,750.00 USD
1756-OF8 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 268 units
Save 59%
2711-T10C8 Allen-Bradley
Sale price$1,050.00 USD Regular price$2,560.00 USD
2711-T10C8 Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 99 units
Save 54%
TSXSAY1000  Telemecanique
Sale price$1,070.00 USD Regular price$2,322.00 USD
TSXSAY1000 TelemecaniqueTelemecanique In stock, 252 units
Save 61%
1756-CN2R, Allen-Bradley1756-CN2R Allen-Bradley
Sale price$1,097.00 USD Regular price$2,780.00 USD
1756-CN2R Allen-BradleyAllen Bradley In stock, 204 units
Save 55%
Siemens,6DR5120-0NG00-0AA06DR5120-0NG00-0AA0 Siemens
Sale price$1,100.00 USD Regular price$2,455.00 USD
6DR5120-0NG00-0AA0 SiemensSiemens Only 5 units left
Save 64%
6FX2001-5JE20-2DA0 Siemens
Sale price$1,106.00 USD Regular price$3,035.00 USD
6FX2001-5JE20-2DA0 SiemensSiemens In stock, 90 units
Save 64%
HMIBUCND1E01 Schneider Electric
Sale price$1,154.00 USD Regular price$3,230.00 USD
HMIBUCND1E01 Schneider ElectricSchneider Electric In stock, 124 units

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